U.K. lawmakers voted in favor of seeking a delayed departure from the EU for at least three months, marking another step in a political crisis that has ripped through the heart of Westminster.

Theresa May‘s Brexit deal suffered a second humiliating defeat as it was voted down by a majority of 149 votes. Then on Wednesday, U.K. lawmakers rejected the idea of leaving the bloc without a Withdrawal Agreement in place.

The main motion on Thursday evening was tabled by May and her government and its passing was a rare piece of good news for the U.K. leader during a difficult week. The exact wording meant that lawmakers approved an extension until June 30 if Parliament approves the government’s Brexit deal by March 20.

The motion was in danger of being radically altered by a series of amendments, which would have frustrated May’s government once again. U.K. politicians narrowly voted against a senior opposition MP’s amendment which would have allowed lawmakers to take control of the parliamentary business and potentially hold indicative votes on the Brexit process, undermining May’s control of the situation.

Sterling was unchanged after the result as the lack of amendments meant it was widely expected to be passed.

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