Getting started is really simple if you already have a Google account. You’ll log in, then connect the speaker through a Google Home app on your iPhone or Android phone. It takes just a couple of minutes. After that, the display starts to show you information it thinks will be valuable to you.

That includes the weather on the home screen, how long it might take for you to commute to work, YouTube videos you might like and information on flights it may have recognized from your Gmail account. You can swipe across the large, bright touchscreen to see more information, or speak more commands.

I found it was really useful for cooking. I asked the smart display for chicken cacciatore recipes and it brought up more than a dozen that I was able to swipe through. When I selected one, it showed me the ingredients in large, easy-to-read text. Then, it walked me through the steps of cooking one by one. After each step, I’d just say “OK, Google, next,” and it would read me the next step.

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