DevOps is going from buzzword to serious business.

The term DevOps combines the words “development” and “operations,” and it refers to the tools and practices that help engineers fix and deliver code faster and more frequently. Development teams large and small are turning to DevOps as a way to keep up with the increasing importance of software to modern business.

In fact, according to LinkedIn, a DevOps engineer is the most in-demand job recruiters are looking to fill today. Companies are increasingly looking for the best DevOps tools to use, as well, and more businesses are launching DevOps teams to adopt those practices.

DevOps startups are also a gold mine for investors. Before, venture capitalists often said “pass” to startups aimed at software engineers. But now, investors have gone all in, throwing millions of dollars at startups like PagerDuty. The valuations for DevOps companies are multiplying as well.

And in case you’re wondering, IT Central Station also reviewed the top 20 cybersecurity companies in the industry.

So which DevOps companies are the best, according to users? Here’s a list of the top 18 DevOps companies, based on user reviews from IT Central Station.

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