Before conducting his one-man assault, 1st Lt. Schwab led his men through three separate attacks, pausing to take cover under intense barrages of German fire.

He moved along his own skirmish line, organizing evacuation of the wounded. Rallying his troops one last time, they came within 50 yards of German forces. From there, amid withering fire, he ran alone to a German position that caused several casualties to his own company. His citation reads:

“Silhouetted through the mist and rain by enemy flares, he charged to the German emplacement, ripped the half-cover off the hostile firing pit, struck the German gunner on the head with his carbine butt and dragged the German back through a hail of fire to friendly lines.”

At this point, the Germans decided to withdraw, and Schwab was able to tend to his unit’s casualties.

Read the award citation here.

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