It looks so sophisticated and grown-up in the Tesla Model 3. Until you open "emissions testing mode."
It looks so sophisticated and grown-up in the Tesla Model 3. Until you open “emissions testing mode.”

Image: Chameleons Eye/REX/Shutterstock

Old-school toilet humor • Great for pranks • High-quality and realistic sounds

Gross • Immature • Potentially offensive

Bathroom humor will never go out of style. Tesla’s fart mode will have you and your unwitting passengers laughing, or cringing and then laughing. It’s a gas.

I took my first Tesla Model 3 test drive this week and all I wanted to do was make the all-electric car fart.

The interior of the Model 3 electric sedan is impressive, with its extreme minimal design. In the front, you’ve got the steering wheel with two knobs next to the horn, a gear selector and indicator control, and then the pièce de résistance: the tablet.

The Tesla 15-inch tablet looks and feels like a giant iPad nestled in between the front seats. This is where everything lives: your speedometer, climate control, mapping, the Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system, the radio and other music options, even the button to open the glovebox. At one point I saw a lightning bolt on the screen and had the sudden urge to click it. Without thinking I opened the charging port on the left side of the car. Luckily a “close” button was easy enough to find. 

The tablet is also where the elusive Easter egg “drawer” is housed. Play with fun add-ons like Atari video games, a drawing board, holiday app, and romance mode, which features a crackling fireplace, sensual music, and blasting heaters. There’s also a Whoopee cushion icon. This was the app I was after.

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