Like a moth to a lamp, people are flocking to these memes. 

Moth memes are the surrealist escape everyone needs every now and then. Playing off the insects’ relentless desire to get to the forbidden light, the meme often features moths searching for lamps, fantasizing about lamps, and embracing lamps — even if it destroys them. 

Moth humor has been around for a while — this tweet went viral in July. 

The same month, Redditor No_Reason27 posted a close-up photo of a moth in r/creepy. The creature was an absolute unit — with its furry body, bright red eyes, and hairy legs grasping out toward the camera, the moth longs for the light inside the OP’s home.

In August, someone posted it to Twitter, captioning it, “Y’all got any fuckin lamps?”

People began editing the chunky moth into memes. 

Variations of the meme include the “Bröther, may I have some öats” copypasta.

In the past week, the meme blew up and spread through social media. 

So hide your wife, hide your lamps, because moth memes are everywhere. 

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