We’ve heard all the fuss about Cursed Child, but before the Tony Award-winning play even built an audience, Puffs was growing a loyal following with the sweet story of Harry Potter’s years at Hogwarts, all told from the perspective of oft-forgotten Hufflepuff students.

After making it to Broadway and running successfully for more than two years, Puffs is now available for digital purchase so you can experience those eventful years for yourself.

Written by Matt Cox and directed by Kristin McCarthy Parker, Puffs is less Cursed Child and more A Very Potter Musical, as far as the Potter theater genre is concerned. It’s a tight one hour 45 minutes (no songs) packed with jokes that poke fun at Potter canon while appreciating the effect of Harry’s adventures on his fellow students — and it gives the Hufflepuff house the credit they always deserve, but rarely get.

The show is already available to BroadwayHD subscribers but now also on Amazon and iTunes.

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