Employees have a tradition of posting photos of their badges on secret Facebook groups for alumni of the company when they quit, another former Facebook manager said.

“I’ve been seeing a lot of badges lately,” he said. This manager also said he’d heard recently from a couple of current Facebook employees, including one individual who has been with the company for more than seven years but expressed that he has finally burned out.

“A lot of people want to do something different,” he said. “They’re just burnt.”

A former Facebook recruiter said he has heard from more than 30 current employees in the past year, including approximately 15 folks in the past two months. Most of these employees say “‘My manager sucks, and I need to look for something new. Do you know of any new opportunities?'” the recruiter said.

“They’re coming to ask ‘What are you seeing in the market across Silicon Valley?'” the recruiter said.

Some former employees cited a broader change in the culture as well. In the past year, the company has grown from nearly 23,200 employees in September 2017 to more than 33,600 employees this September, according to the company’s latest financial filings.

With that growth has come increased bureaucracy and an increase in a top-down management style, one former Facebook manager said. Whereas previously Facebook had a startup environment where colleagues felt everyone had each other’s backs, there is now more politics and more grandstanding, another former manager said.

“There’s a lot of people who succeed more by how things looked than by the work they were doing, and there were people who were let go that were incredibly well-respected and it was because they weren’t playing the politics game,” one of the former managers said.

One former Facebook engineer said he has been contacted by about a dozen Facebook employees since leaving the company this summer, saying they were thinking about leaving the company or inquiring what his experience has been like since his own departure. Just before speaking with CNBC, another Facebook employee called him to ask for advice on clearance for setting up a startup while remaining at Facebook, this person said.

“Overall, I’ve seen an uptick in people either looking for other activities or dipping their toes outside the Facebook pool,” he said.

In the past, Facebook employees who had been with the company for only a year or two but were unhappy with their roles were likely to request a team switch. Now, employees in that situation are simply looking to leave the company, the former engineer said.

“This time around far more people are immediately jumping instead of switching teams,” the former Facebook engineer said.

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