Boeing: Cramer went against Wall Street in his take on aircraft manufacturer Boeing, which issues its quarterly results on Wednesday: “The conventional wisdom says Boeing’s hostage to China, but I think it’s the other way around.”

AT&T: The “Mad Money” host will want to hear how AT&T’s cash flow has been augmented by its now-closed acquisition of Time Warner. The telecom player will report earnings before the bell.

The Fed: Fed Chair Jerome Powell will speak and field questions Wednesday as part of the central bank’s meeting, and Cramer will be parsing every word.

“If Powell focuses on how hot the economy … and hiring is, I think that’s a signal we’ll be getting another rate hike next month,” Cramer said. “He may also talk about dumping the Fed’s long-term bond holdings — that’s another negative for stocks and the economy right now. It’s a de facto tightening. This guy can be a one-man wrecking crew if we’re not careful.”

Tesla: “A boatload of controversy” will ensue after Wednesday’s closing bell, beginning with a report from automaker Tesla, Cramer said.

“My view on Tesla remains the same: if you love, love, love the car, you’re free to own the stock, but I can’t recommend it because the balance sheet’s so ugly. Tesla needs too much money,” he explained.

Facebook: The controversy continues with a quarterly report from Facebook. Cramer figured the stock was more or less “inured to negativity at this point,” but offered some advice for CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“Zuckerberg needs to talk about the return on investment from [his] projects and he needs to tell us if Facebook can make money now that they’re no longer merchandising your data,” he said.

Microsoft: Microsoft has “been on fire of late,” Cramer said. Still, he lamented that the tech titan was reporting on such a “crowded” day.

“We need more time to understand and digest these conference calls, which is why Wednesday’s such a nightmare,” he said.

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