6 River
Autonomous warehouse robots that work alongside humans Waltham,
MA 2015 6Sense
Predictive analytics to help marketers generate new leads San Francisco 2013 Aira
Smart glasses connected to human agents offering real-time help to the visually impaired San Diego 2015 Apptimize Testing platform for iPhone and Android app developers San Francisco 2013 AREVO 3-D printing process designed to speed production Santa Clara,
CA 2013 ATTN: A new media company for younger generations, backed by Ryan Seacrest Los Angeles 2014 AvidBots Commercial-scale, self-driving, floor-cleaning robots Singapore 2014 Axios* D.C.-based media company producing political, business and technology content Arlington,
VA 2017 Blockstack New internet structure for decentralized apps New York 2013 BorderX
E-commerce platform that gives merchants direct access to Chinese shoppers Sunnyvale,
CA 2014 Bulletin A way for digital brands to get shelf space in physical stores New York 2015 Buoy
A digital health app and AI-based diagnosis assistant Boston 2014 Candid Direct-to-consumer orthodontic products New York 2017 Carrot
Fertility-benefits provider for employers San Francisco 2016 Clarifai Artificial intelligence focused on visual recognition New York 2013 Clearcover Mobile-app-based car insurance platform Chicago 2016 Clobotics Big data for the wind energy and retail sector Seattle 2016 Cloudleaf Internet of Things for global supply chains Milpitas,
CA 2014 CommonSense
On-demand delivery technology for grocery retailers Israel 2015 CoverWallet Online small-business insurance platform New York 2015 Curology Personalized acne care delivered via online consultations San Francisco 2014 data.world An enterprise platform for building, sharing and discussing data across teams Austin 2016 Descartes
A big-data mapping service for construction, agriculture and energy Santa Fe,
NM 2014 DocSynk Data analytics for health-care practices Irving,
TX 2015 EarnUp Personal finance tool for debt management San Francisco 2014 Electric Outsourced IT solution for small business New York 2016 Ethos A life insurance start-up with celebrity backers, including Jay Z’s Roc Nation San Francisco 2016 Excelero Israeli-founded data-storage company San Jose,
CA 2014 Farmobile A marketplace for farmers to sell their data Leawood, KS 2014 Fetch
On-demand autonomous mobile robots for warehousing and logistics San Jose,
CA 2014 Finery A digital organizer and curator for your closet New York 2016 Flow An e-commerce platform for cross-border sales Hoboken,
NJ 2015 Flytrex Autonomous last-mile drone delivery Israel 2014 FreightWaves Data analytics and risk management for the transportation and logistics industries Chattanooga,
TN 2016 Geltor Synthetic biology working towards a vegan gelatin replacement San Leandro,
CA 2015 Glow
Beauty products line based on South Korean skincare formulas New York 2014 HabitNu Digital program designed for diabetes management Chicago 2014 Handshake Career recruiting platform for college students and universities San Francisco 2013 Havenly Online platform for interior design consultation Denver 2014 HeadSpin Cloud-based app developer management tool Palo Alto,
CA 2015 Heptio Open-source enterprise platform service Seattle 2016 Hive Productivity and collaboration platform for the workplace New York 2016 HubHaus Shared-housing communities designed for professionals San Franciso 2016 Hypergiant Customized artificial intelligence for corporate brands, backed by Tony Robbins Austin 2017 Iguazio Big-data firm from Israel, backed by Dell and Verizon Israel 2014 Illusive
Cybersecurity firm that grew out of Israeli Defense Forces, backed by Cisco and Microsoft New York 2014 Immuta Management platform for big data College Park, MD 2014 Inspire Renewable-energy tech company focused on the smart home market, backed by Shell Santa Monica, CA 2014 iUNU Data management and analysis for commercial-scale greenhouses Seattle 2013 JASK AI-driven automation for security operations, protecting companies against cyberattacks Austin 2015 Kano A DIY computer-building and coding company backed by Sesame Street’s venture fund London 2013 Keeps Health-care company focused on male pattern baldness prevention and treatment New York 2017 KIDBOX Curated clothing subscription service for children New York 2016 Lovepop 3-D pop-up greeting cards manufacturer backed by Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Boston 2014 Mammoth
Mobile media company behind social polling, trivia and microstorytelling apps Santa Monica, CA 2015 Mapillary Computer-vision technology for street-level digital mapping Malmš,
Sweden 2013 MealPal Subscription lunch plan that works with local restaurants New York 2016 Modsy* Online interior design service with 3-D visualization San Francisco 2015 Namogoo AdTech helping e-commerce brands block competitor promotions Boston 2014 Narrativ Works with publishers of product review sites to drive sales New York 2015 Neptune
An insurance company rivaling the federal flood insurance program St Petersburg,
FL 2016 Nova
Cross-border credit-reporting agency for immigrant consumers San Francisco 2016 Nurx Telemedicine platform focused on birth control and HIV prevention San Francisco 2015 OhmConnect Energy-sharing platform that incentivizes users to reduce electricity consumption San Francisco 2013 Opkix Compact, wearable smart cameras with companion editing and sharing app Costa Mesa,
CA 2016 Optibus Artificial intelligence to improve mass transit, used by more than 300 cities Israel 2014 Otonomo Automotive data platform that delivers apps and services to drivers Israel 2015 PayStand Blockchain-based B2B billing and payments service Scotts Valley,
CA 2013 PerimeterX Cybersecurity firm that detects difference between human users and malicious bot attacks San Mateo,
CA 2014 Primer AI and natural-language processing technology that can analyze data across languages San Francisco 2015 prooV Testing platform for companies to try new enterprise software solutions Israel 2015 quip Electric toothbrush and dental-care service provider New York 2014 RDMD R&D service analyzing patient medical records to help drug companies develop rare-disease treatments San Francisco 2017 Relola Location-based social media app used in real estate, political and nonprofit sector Emeryville,
CA 2015 RigUp Oil and gas industry platform for sourcing contractors and service providers Austin 2014 Rubikloud Machine-learning platform focused on retailer pricing, promotion and loyalty Toronto 2013 SafeBreach Cybersecurity firm that uses hacker techniques inside a network to detect flaws Sunnyvale,
CA 2014 Scale Provider of data tools for companies working on AI solutions, including self-driving efforts at Lyft and Cruise San Francisco 2016 SciBac Microbe drugs that treat and prevent antibiotic-resistant diseases Burlingame,
CA 2015 ShapeShift
Blockchain technology firm that offers marketplace where users can buy and sell digital assets Zug,
Switzerland 2014 Shift
Fraud-detection technology designed for insurance industry Paris 2014 SigOpt Workflow optimization technology San Francisco 2014 Solv Mobile app for booking same-day doctor appointments San Francisco 2016 SPORTLOGiQ Sports analytics firm selling data to teams and the media Montreal 2015 Starcity Firm that converts commerical property into co-living residential buildings San Francisco 2016 Strivr VR training technology for workforces and athletes, backed by the NFL and BMW Menlo Park,
CA 2015 SURE Digital insurance platform covering a variety of policies, from renters to travel, pets and jewelry New York 2014 Tamara
Direct-to-consumer women’s luxury footwear Los Angeles 2016 Textio Analytics technology used by employers to improve job posts and recruiting emails Seattle 2014 TheGuarantors Insurance products for the residential real estate rental market New York 2014 ThirdLove E-commerce lingerie brand focused on personalized sizing San Francisco 2013 tilr Job market search tool matching employers and candidates Cincinnati 2015 TVision
Television advertising technology tool to monitor viewer attention span New York 2015 Unravel
Application performance management for AI, Internet of Things and other data-heavy apps Palo Alto,
CA 2013 VAYAVISION Aggregated system of sensoring technologies for autonomous vehicles Israel 2016 Veem B2B cross-border wire-transfer and payment system based on the blockchain San Francisco 2014 Veo
Factory robots designed to minimize risk of working alongside humans Waltham,
MA 2016 Verifly On-demand job insurance for contractors and freelancers New York 2015 Viome Genetic sequencing and analysis of the microbiome targeting chronic-disease prevention Bellevue,
WA 2016 Xendit Payments technology for e-commerce and peer-to-peer lending in Southeast Asian market Jakarta,
Indonesia 2015

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